Groundbreaking movement analysis

Analyze physical performance like never before with our unique combination of high-speed video, pressure data and 6 DOF force.

How it works

Beyond vertical

In addition to vertical, our system measures horizontal and rotational ground reaction forces. This allows you to assess a much greater variety of athletic movements, including lateral jumps.

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Footprints that tell a story

Studying the pressure distribution throughout each foot can help uncover imbalances and provide insights into the athlete's ability to produce ground reaction forces.

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Perfectly synchronized

Your force and pressure data is perfectly synchronized with high-speed video from up to 4 simultaneous camera angles.

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Person jumping on a force plate

Why choose Motion Catalyst?

A unique combination of video analysis and sensor data

Motion Catalyst unites a wide range of video analysis tools with a combined force and pressure plate. This enables video to be perfectly synchronized with vertical, horizontal, and rotational forces as well as pressure data. With Motion Catalyst, the athlete and trainer will receive precise feedback on their performance in their natural surroundings, and measure the effect of any changes in technique and execution while the activity is still in progress.

About us

A passion for performance

We have long history with performance technology through our sister brand Swing Catalyst, which has been praised by top golf and baseball coaches around the world for its powerful and user-friendly software.

With Motion Catalyst we wish to offer our technology and experience to help athletes in a broader sense, independently of sport and fitness level.

Many different use cases

Our technology can help improve performance in most physical sports and athletic activities.



Static balance

Dynamic balance

Free movement

“Looking at forces, pressure and symmetry of basic movements is critical to improving exercise technique and unearthing imbalances that make a person susceptible to injury.”

Ben Shear
PGA Tour Trainer, Director of Performance at Athletic Edge, Ben Shear Golf & Hockey Performance

Benefits of using Motion Catalyst

Powerful tools to measure and improve athletic performance

Video synchronized with data

The Motion Catalyst software perfectly synchronizes force and pressure data with high-speed video of your movements.

Pressure and force data combined

Our Dual Motion Plate unites advanced pressure data with detailed information about the vertical, horizontal and rotational ground reaction forces produced by each foot and combined.


In our analysis mode you can record activities to monitor status and/or progress. Analyze the athlete’s movements with all imaginable drawing tools, slow-motion playback, video overlay and side-by-side comparison.

Assessment test

Our assessment test module is a collection of activities most referred to in sports science research, meant for screening and profiling of athletes.

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Released: 21 Mar 2024