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Dual Motion Plate System

High-speed video synchronized with sensor plate data in the same software. Our system includes three products:

What you can do with our products

Identify opportunities for improvement

Compare different athletes

Compare performance over time

Identify strengths and weaknesses

Identify imbalances

Identify injury risks

Prevent injuries

Video Analysis Software

A powerful software for performance testing

Our software allows you to identify movement inefficiencies that the human eye cannot see by combining detailed data from the Dual Motion Plate with high-speed video images and a variety of video analysis tools.

The software contains two modules: Analyze and Assessment test. In the analysis mode you can record activities to monitor status and progress. The assessment test module is a collection of activities chosen specifically for screening and profiling of athletes. Choose from 9 different activities grouped into balance, strength and jumps, based on your needs. All activities deliver key metrics to monitor the results immediately after the activity is performed.


  • Drawing tools (line, arrow, angle, free hand, + more)
  • Angle measurement
  • Create groups
  • 9 activities + 1 free movement activity
  • Export video files
  • Export data
  • Record lesson (screen recording for instruction)
  • Zoom in on graphs
  • Compare recordings – side by side and overlay

High-speed Camera

Analyze every movement

Our high-speed cameras allow you to analyze every movement in slow-motion. We recommend starting with at least two cameras to get the most out of your system. You can add more cameras to your setup later.

Dual Motion Plate

Combined force and pressure plate

The Dual Motion Plate provides detailed information about the contribution of the left and right foot in developing ground reaction forces (GRFs) together with pressure and stance, which is registered by more than 2000 high-resolution pressure sensors.

The system gives you access to total horizontal shear force, vertical force and torque (rotational force). You will also be able to study the individual horizontal shear forces, vertical forces, and free moment (twisting forces) produced by each foot. In addition to this, the Dual Motion Plate provides pressure and stance data and the location of the individual center of pressure (CoP) on each foot as well as the line joining them.

The Dual Motion Plate data is perfectly synchronized with high-speed video images with up to four cameras.


  • Pressure and stance
  • Center of Pressure (CoP) of each foot as well as the line joining them
  • Total CoP and CoP trace
  • Total vertical forces
  • Individual vertical forces produced by each foot
  • Total horizontal shear forces (right/left & toe/heel)
  • Individual horizontal shear forces (right/left & toe/heel)
  • Total torque
  • Individual free moment (twisting forces) produced by each foot
  • Video synchronization with up to four cameras

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